Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Latest

I made it to Florida and we have already been quite the busy bees. My flight got in at 5 and we have already been to 5 stores, not within a mall or same shopping center. Also, we got setup for the trunk show my mom is hosting for me tomorrow morning and it looks goooood. Dad was out working in the yard, even though it was dark (and of course tending to the animals.) Take a look below at some grooming that needed to take place between the cats and dogs. Baths came next! That's whats been going on here. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow in the adventures of Florida! It's great to be home!!!


  1. Thankful you made it safely. Glad you are home with family. Tell them all I said Hi. We will miss you and Ben at the Simmons but look forward to next time. Good luck at the trunk show. Love, Rhonda

  2. What a gorgeous setup for a trunk show. WOW, it looked AH-mazing! Way to go Mom Spencer! Moms are awesome :)