Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tired Days

Yesterday I was just too tired to post. My weekend started on Thursday morning and went until Sunday night. It was fantastic! My old roommate got married and is now on an island relaxing with her new Hubby. During the weekend, I bunked in a basement with an old friend that now live cross the country and caught up with my great friends from back in Charlotte. We felt like we were back in high school and having a slumber party. Needless to say, not much sleep was had these past 4 days in the great DC area. And it was totally worth it! I'm also not sure I've ever danced so much at any wedding except my own. They know how to throw a wedding!

And also my mom came in town yesterday morning for the entire week! The rest of the fam is coming on Thursday for the weekend (except my bro-in-law ... we'll miss you) We've already had fun in our one day of hanging out and now we have many more. I'm so excited.

Here are some pics from the tiring and awesome weekend...

The bride helping us making our bouquets (such a cool and fun idea)
Close-up of bouquets
First dance - the groom is also a great dancer

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  1. Love the bouquet-by-hand idea! Glad it was such a fun wedding weekend. Have a great time with everyone this week. Love, sal