Friday, July 16, 2010

Night Lite

After Hubs and I attended a UNC alum event last night we came back to our place and hung out on the rooftop. It is quite romantic with all the bright lights...I also have just always thought that the city itself is romantic. I hope I never take this for granted or get used to the view.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend!!

Pretty great, huh?!


  1. What incredible views you two have!!
    I am so glad you are blogging again! It is always a great start to my morning to read your blog!

  2. are you serious? this is really your view?? amazing. we may be coming to NYC for stew's work sometime this fall. i'll keep you posted - it would be so wonderful to see you - and finally in NYC-- pretty crazy how things work out, huh? oh, and btw- didn't i tell you that you'd love Chapel Hill??! so happy to know i turned out to be RIGHT!! XO

  3. Haha of course you were right!!! I would love love love to see yall! Especially since we were gone when yall came to NC...

  4. Ben and Becca, WE are so excited for you two. Your building must be in a great location and I'm sure your apartment is so cute. Have alot of fun in NYC. We will miss you in the south. Rhonda