Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Love Dare

Yesterday was spent running errands - let me just tell you that running errands in NYC is waaay different than anywhere else. Normally you would spend max 2 hours running around getting all the things you need for the week. Here however, it takes the entire day. I only had to get 4 things done but since I had to drop off my stuff at home after each errand it took forever. You see you can't go around lugging groceries, mirrors, and glass black after black and then on the subway. :) It's also hard to talk on the phone when you don't get service in the subway. HOWEVER, I realized yesterday that the subway is a great place to read my Love Dare iphone app. Love Dare is the book that came out a few years ago about how love your spouse for 30 days, etc. Well, it's great but some of the days aren't that much fun. haha This is my second time at the book and I'll probably have to read it again every year for a refresher! Anyway, you should all pick up a copy soon if you don't have an iphone...

The Love Dare & Bumper Sticker Logo


  1. I had no idea there was an app for this! Thanks for telling me. We watched Fireproof right before our anniversary and enjoyed reading/doing the Love Dare-I definitely think that every couple can benefit from it.

  2. And it's free! My mom got us the movie for Valentine's our first year of marriage...