Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stocking Stuffers

I know Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived yet but with the Christmas commercials beginning and the Rockefeller tree going up, I have also begun working on Christmas items. Of course you will have to wait until after Thanksgiving (when it is officially the Christmas season) for when the items will be up on the website. But lets just say that they will be items all under $36. So they would be perfect for stockings or for friend exchanges. So don't blow all your money during Black Friday. :) Here's a sneak peak...


  1. What a great idea!! I love stocking stuffers and I am always looking for ideas like this!!
    Also, it is great to be back and start my day with your blog!!
    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!It was so nice when I got back last night to read them!

  2. Can I order the 2nd necklace that Nellie's is wearing? Love both of them. Also ordered Gorgeous Pair. Bring them when you come!!
    It's almost Advent season, too!!!

  3. So glad you're back mom! And 2nd, absolutely! I love advent season!!!

  4. Very pretty. I think your sales will be very high over the holidays. Your jewelry is beautiful and your prices are unbelievable. I was crazy about the necklaces you did for Ellen's wedding. Rhonda