Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer in the City

It looks like Summer is finally here to stay! It's been said that NYC is a very bi-polar city. I must agree. During the winter people are dying to escape BUT come Summer everyone realizes just how glorious the city is and doesn't want to leave. (Unless it's to the Hamptons, which is really just NYC at the beach) I am one of these NYC bi-polar people. I love the city in the Summer! This weekend confirmed my love once again.

It was friend and food-filled. What more do you want during these months? Except for maybe nice weather but we had that as well! So this week I'm blogging about all the different places we went to this past weekend. Get ready because it's all about food. And good food at that. However, this first post is just an introduction. Haha

But if you're needing something to fill your food desires then check out where we went on a date Friday night up in the West Village... Cafe Condesa. It's a tiny little place and oh so tasty!

Check out how tall the world trade center is getting!!!

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