Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Chain Reaction

I am working outside today since it's has finally stopped raining and is above 50 degrees!!! No one has to twist my arm to be excited about Spring. Flowers are beginning to bloom and people are now walking outside again. So this means that I can start to take some sunny colorful pictures. However, there's a catch... I have a point and shoot camera. Which before Christmas I would have thought was perfect, but then my dad got an amazing Canon SRL camera from my mom and I of course played with it and the rest is history. I took all of my jewelry pictures again on his camera which made such a difference on the website. So now that I am spoiled by his Christmas gift I am now thinking of investing in an upgrade. Of course then I would need to take lessons in photography... Who knew that there would be such an expensive chain reaction?! So if anyone has an opinion on some good cameras that would take highly detailed jewelry pictures (as well as all other pictures) then please let me know! Also, anyone have any creative ideas for shooting jewelry for a website?

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